We’ve photographed our share of babies here at Kim Ponsky Photography… but today, the studio was taken over by babies of another kind… PUPPIES!  You’ve seen pictures of, or maybe even met Linus, my Australian Labradoodle… well, today his breeder, US Labradoodles ( came in with 16 dogs (add that to mine, and my cousin’s doodle… for a total of 18 dogs!!).  Needless to say, it was a madhouse (or a doghouse) around here!  Puppies peeing, crying, sleeping and playing… and we loved every second of it!  Two clients even left here with furry new family members!  We’ll post more pictures tomorrow, but I couldn’t leave the studio tonight without posting a preview… Take a look at this cuteness!  DSC_5316_lr DSC_5779_lr


you are one of the most awesome photographers i have ever seen. i so want you to do some photos of my family (dog, offspring, husband, inlaw kids, etc….i know you get it). we will talk later. hugs to you. love knowing you since you and deenah were in pre-school together. xo

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