When people call us to schedule their baby’s newborn photos, we tell them to schedule it within the baby’s first two weeks.  Ideally, the first week.  While that may be a bit overwhelming for the new moms and dads, it makes for a much smoother session for everyone.  Noah’s mom took our advice and brought her brand new baby into the studio at just 7 days old.  This squishy boy was the perfect gentleman… sleepy as could be, and easy going throughout the whole session.  We had so much fun, and it was such a relaxed session because he was too tired to fuss.  New babies need their sleep, and they are much more cooperative for the various poses and ideas we try out.  We put Noah in all sorts of fun hats, and even dressed him up as various wild animals to match his jungle themed nursery…  Check out this handsome fella’s first photo shoot!



1.) he’s so adorable I can’t express how handsome he actually is. 2.) love the photo shoot but its like that one modern family ep where cam dresses lily up as famous pop singers lol/weekend at Bernie’s lol because he is sleeeeeeping the whole time bc he’s the ittle pince! 3.) whats the rope wig one? Tarzan Noah? So funny/cute. 4.) awesome hat

Noam is so beautiful. Kim has an incredible gift to be able to capture a brand new baby in photos that are so wonderful! Kim is absolutely the best!

Too bad I didn’t get to see Noah after he was born…..he looks absolutely incredible! Congratulations on wonderfulo pictures and for your great sensibility in photo shooting!

Love these, Kim! Love you. Noah is a doll baby! ox

What a GORGEOUS baby! And what gorgeous shots! They made me smile!

You did a fantastic job…so glad I was able to be there. The pictures are great and I can’t wait to see the others

Terrific. Kim looks much older than 1-2 wks. Joyce

I would like to see Ryan”s 1st B”day….. Thx..Sweetie !!!!

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