Let’s just say, I really wanted to hit it out of the park for this newborn photo session!  Little Miss L is the third bambino to Cleveland Indians fan favorite and first baseman, Carlos Santana and his stunning wife, Brittany.  This gorgeous baby girl shined when she was up at the plate, but wasn’t such a team player when it came to sharing the spotlight with the rest of her family.  It may have felt to her parents like she struck-out when it came to the family photo they were hoping for, but the image is no less a home-run!  Sometimes the best results from a photo shoot come when you venture outside the ordinary or expected.  When you swing for the fences, no matter the pitch thrown at you, you can really get some all-star shots.

Okay… did you catch all of my amazing baseball puns and cheeseball cliches??  I’m so proud of myself right now, it’s pathetic.  I could keep going, but you’ll have to wait for their next family photo session…  For now, take a look at some of my favorite images from Little L’s newborn photo shoot.

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