At Kim Ponsky Photography we pride ourselves on our award winning candid lifestyle photography.  You may be wondering exactly what that means!  While candid lifestyle photography may mean different things to different photographers we refer to it as thinking in stories.  We want your photos to evoke emotion.  Whether it’s a milestone or everyday life we want to capture it in an artistic way.  When you schedule a session with Kim Ponsky Photography whether here at the studio or on-location we’ll capture a variety of shots, poses and backgrounds but to us the real money shots are the ones that where you can see distinctive characteristics shining through.  We get to know our subjects a bit and really play off the traits we uncover.  That shy grin, the playful hug, or the silly giggles, that’s what we’re after!  Sure, we get the posed portraits of everyone looking at the camera but we get them with personality!  We also pay attention to angles, lighting and the more technical side of things too so that you end up with a collection of images that record the precious details that you will look back at later and treasure.

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