It may have gotten her in trouble with her soccer coach, but skipping her pre-season scrimmage to take advantage of this beautiful summer was a great move by this gorgeous high school senior!  Beth is another of my students at Hathaway Brown, and I was so excited to get to take her senior photos.  I had driven through this park the week before, and suggested the location because I was struck by the fields of tall grasses and wild flowers.  Beth was such a great sport, agreeing to sit in, or climb on anything I asked her to!  It was so great to get to see this girl I’ve gotten to know in the classroom transform before me into a stunning young woman through my camera!  I’m sure I embarrassed her with my repeated “Oh my g-d, Beth, you’re so pretty!”  She had her turn to laugh at me when I pretty much freaked out upon gaining access to the building on site that had been left unlocked.  I was obsessed with the light, and asked her to indulge me while I had some photo-fun! The pictures turned out beautiful, and Beth and her family will have wonderful senior photos to commemorate this time in her life.  Brzozowski_09 Brzozowski_33 Brzozowski_43 Brzozowski_45

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