For their outdoor engagement photos, Brandon, Amber and I picked a pretty country road, and simply drove along it until we found a good spot, pulled over, snapped some pics, and continued along on our photo safari.  With the beautiful fall backdrop, and a relaxed attitude, we were able to get a variety of stunning photos.  These photos will compliment their future wedding photos, by displaying their relationship and dynamic in a more casual, day-to-day setting.  I’m pretty sure even the reluctant Brandon had a good time during this photo shoot, while the stunning Amber lit up the camera with those piercing eyes.  I cannot wait to see what shots we get next fall at their Aspen wedding!

Duber_24 Duber_37 Duber_46 Duber_41 Duber_12 Duber_10 Duber_08 Duber_01


These are gorgeous!

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