I have gotten to know Luca and Roco very well over the past number of years… I seriously love these boys, and look forward to every opportunity I have to photograph them.  I’ve had the fun of watching them grow up, but selfishly, I also have a lot of fun with the themed photo shoots their mom comes up with!  We’ve had the boys play with grapes and vats of wine, dressed them up like sheep, chickens and cowboys, we’ve done Kennedy inspired looks, and even put them in ascots… This year, the theme was perfectly paired with the location.  Firestone’s famed 16th hole was not the same on Friday, with us running around and trying to stay out of the golfers’ way!  We had a blast, and it’s a wonder nobody was knocked out by these tots swinging their mini-drivers around.  But, I have to say… their cuteness, their outfits, and the themes have nothing on the fact that these two really love each other.  That’s what I enjoy the most when I get to spend time with them.  It’s never a struggle to get them to hug or interact.  While not twins, these two are as close as brothers can get… and I dread the day when they tell their mom they’ve had enough with me and my camera!

Here are a few of the many adorable shots we got at the boys’ outdoor photo session this week…

_DSC0119 _DSC0145 _DSC9473 _DSC9495 _DSC9554 _DSC9618


Fabulous images!

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