Call off the Search!

Guess what, everybody… I’m engaged!!  Last Thursday, my boyfriend of just under 3 years popped the question, and we’re getting married!! 

Thanks to Marc Golub for taking this photo!

So, since we’ve decided to waste no time, and tie the knot this Labor Day weekend (ahhh!!!), there’s a lot to do! 

First on my list of priorities, not surprisingly, is the photographer… Who does a photographer hire to photograph her wedding???  That is THE question!  Okay, so… I may have started the scouting process a while back… say, 3 years ago!  Somehow, my list of dream photographers all seemed to be from Australia– must be something in the water over there!  When deciding who to pick, I felt like Goldilocks– One was too posed (albiet UNBELIEVABLE), one was a bit too journalistic (again, INCREDIBLE)… and one was juuuuust right– the perfect balance of the fun, trendy fashion photography take on wedding photography, and with the natural capture that I want to remember the day.  What’s the best part??  He’s already going to be in the Chicago at the time of our wedding, so there’s no crazy international travel cost! 

So… I’ve picked my dream photographer… now it’s time to decide on everything else!  Dress, flowers, food… so much to do!  I’m going to try to control myself from picking & designing everything for the sake of the pictures– but hey, it’s who I am… I can’t deny it!

Stay tuned to hear how it all comes together!!


Rich and I are so excited for you!!! This wedding photographer from Australia better be as good as my photographer – that includes stepping in mud puddles to get the perfect shot!!! Congrats:)

Congradulations! Aaron and I are excited for you!

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