An outdoor family photo session can provide an opportunity to capture many different types of portraits.  The natural environment often encourages families to interact and act in a more candid nature than they might when they are in the studio.  A studio environment provides a wonderfully clean and timeless look for family photos, but the outdoor sessions tend to enable people to be less “camera aware” and show more of their personality.

I have certain families that I’ve gotten to know well over the years I’ve photographed them.  One of the most special families to me is this one.  Over the past eight years, Robert and Emily have grown from babies to big kids before my eyes.  They also hold the unique distinction of having been the only clients to have written me a song (remember “Miss Kim is Coming…“??).  Last week I spent a beautiful Fall afternoon with Robert, Emily and their parents.  We explored and had a great time.  Through this session came many different types of shots– the traditional and the unique.  Take a look at all of the different types of shots we got!

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