Chagrin Falls Photography | Snowy Photo Shoot

On a cold (and I mean 17 degrees cold!!!) day in Chagrin Falls Kim met long time friends and clients for their annual family photo shoot.  You might remember this fun family from the sweet song they sang about playing in the leaves with Miss Kim a while back.  Click HERE for a look back at the Grammy worthy song! This time instead of playing in the leaves with Miss Kim they played in the snow!  Take a quick look at Kim with the family right before the photo shoot…

Kim captured the playfulness of this great family as they made memories in the snow.  There was no shortage of smiles despite the chill in the air and their were lots of laughs even when things didn’t necessarily go according to plan!  Check out the video below of some snowy sibling silliness!  Bet we’ll get some fun photos out of it!

Snowy Photo shoots are so much fun and this time was no exception.  Everyone agreed that this shoot was a total blast and we can’t wait to see the final images.  Stay tuned to our blog for more from this fun family photo shoot.  Want to schedule your own winter session?  Call our studio today…216.229.PICS (7427)

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