There’s nothing quite like welcoming a new baby into the world and all of the milestones of that first year are like nothing else. Sure there are sleepless nights, teething, and and all the demands of caring for an infant but the amount of joy a baby can bring is boundless. That’s why so many people choose to capture all of the precious milestone moments through photographs.  It’s what we at Kim Ponsky Photography have been doing for more than fifteen years.  We can’t get enough of the sweet smiles, great giggles, and of course the cute little baby rolls!  And even more exciting to us is that we get to be a part of it all!  We love getting to watch kids and families grow and celebrate along with you.  We strive to provide you with photos and products that will give you the same warm and fuzzy feelings when you look at the photos down the road as you had when you experienced all of those baby bench marks for the first time.  We love woking with clients who have become friends and meeting new families.  Please call our studio for more information about our photography offerings or to schedule a session.  216.229.PICS (7427)








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