Today we’re sharing a behind the scenes look at a four month old photo shoot we recently did.  There’s something magical that happens when a baby comes into the studio and this little one was no exception.  He instantly made us smile and brightened up our day. We were lucky enough to photograph this little cutie when he was a newborn and now that he’s four months old it’s a whole new ball game!  Take a peek at all of the adorable rolling and cooing and everything that goes on behind the scenes of a successful photo shoot.  Kim is up, down and all around to make sure she gets all the right angles!  For most of the photos this little guy was just in a diaper on a solid white background where all the attention is on him.  We can’t wait to share all of the final photos soon…stay tuned!

Until then check out all the behind the scenes fun!

This curly-haired cutie is scheduled to come back for 6 month photos and we can’t wait to see what that new age and stage will have in store!  We love photographing babies and kids!  Call us to schedule your photo session today.

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