We’d like to wish our Cleveland Cavaliers the best of luck tonight against the Boston Celtics.  We’ll be cheering on #26, Kyle Korver, and the rest of the team as they bring home a win for The Land!  We had the chance to hang with Kyle and his fam and we’re sharing some cute shots in honor of tonight’s game.  We met them on-location at their home for a family photography session and we got to capture the fun-loving bunch.  Check out the photos of them just hanging on the trampoline.  These kinds of images are our favorite because they really capture a moment in time.  When days are long and kids grow quickly these are the things you’ll want to remember.  Of course we made sure to get a few more formal family portraits too.  The collection of images really captures them and we’re sure they will look back on their precious family time together with great affection.

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