We’re always posting about Senior Photography here at Kim Ponsky Photography and why not? Graduating from High School and moving on is a huge milestone that deserves to be celebrated and captured. But the other day when we sent out some information out about our Senior Portraits we got an interesting message from a long time client and friend that really intrigued us. She said that when she first saw the title, “Senior Photography” she thought we were talking about photographing senior citizens. It excited her and made her think that so often we take the time for family photographs when the kids are little or when they’re headed off to college but then what? We often don’t celebrate our families enough when they get older and many of us wish we had more photos of and with our aging parents and grandparents. So when we heard this we immediately jumped at the chance to photograph the cutest 88 year old we knew who just happened to be in Cleveland for just a few days. She came to the studio and in just a few minutes we captured lots of personality! It made her feel special and these photos are headed to her children and many grandchildren and great grandchildren scattered throughout the states.  Undoubtedly this impromptu photo session will be adored and cherished for years to come.  Grab your favorite “Senior” and head in to the studio for a few special shots.

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Just beautiful!!

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