The number one question we get about senior photos is where should we shoot them?  Studio vs. on-location is the burning question and the answer really depends.  If there a place that is meaningful to you or that you find particularly beautiful such as a park, your home, a skating rink or baseball field then shooting on-location may be for you.  We work all over Cleveland and the surrounding suburbs to capture seniors at their best. On the other hand if you are looking for a clean, classic look then in-studio photography may be the right choice.  Our Beachwood studio is conveniently located and is the perfect setting for a senior photo session.  Check out these crisp images that were shot in our Beachwood studio.  We opted for a vibrant blue background that adds dimension while still keeping the focus on this handsome senior.  His personality is able to transcend the lens and you almost feel like you’re getting to know the young man just by looking at his photos!  We love that he chose to keep some of the images in color while others look stunning in black and white.  Where would you choose to shoot senior photos?  We can make a compelling argument for in-studio or on-location!  Call us to schedule your senior portraits today.  Kim Ponsky Photography 216.229.PICS (7427).

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