Last weekend, MedWorks held a large vision clinic, and literally gave people the gift of sight… For those of you who aren’t familiar with MedWorks, it is a non-profit organization (founded by my brother!) that provides high quality free healthcare (medical, dental and vision) to Cleveland’s uninsured and under-insured.  This was the organization’s 21st (I think) clinic, and the energy of the volunteers and patients hasn’t slowed down.  If you’ve never visited or helped out at one of these clinics, I highly recommend it.  You are helping people in a direct way that most of us do not get the opportunity to do.  It’s a pretty special thing to experience.  Here are some images featuring not only some grateful patients (many of whom return as volunteers), but the tireless and dedicated team of MedWorks volunteers.  Come see us on October 4th for the next Medical clinic, or November 2nd for the Medical and Dental clinic!  Go to MedWorks’ website or call 216.231.5350 for more information… _DSC0958 _DSC0955 _DSC0934 _DSC0837 _DSC0808 _DSC0792 _DSC0785 _DSC0747 _DSC0723 _DSC0721 _DSC0642

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