There are so many things I love about this time of year… I love the changing leaves, I love getting to wear boots, jackets, scarves & hats, and I love getting to see all of the familiar faces of families I get to photograph on an annual basis!  I first met this family four years ago, when Cole was a precocious toddler, and I’ve gotten to know them so well over the years.  I’ve even done my fair share of peer pressuring them to get a puppy!!  This year I was shocked to see how much Morgan had grown, and how much more grown up they both were.

This photo session was also an opportunity to practice what I preach as a teacher.  I took advantage of interesting lighting scenarios I saw, and worked on applying new perspectives and compositions to my work.  I love when the morning’s class discussions impact my afternoon photo shoots.

For this blog post, I was forced to narrow down my many favorite images, so I decided to focus on the relationships and interactions between the family… They’re an awesome, loving, kind and special family, and I think it really comes through in the images.

Reed_02 Reed_12 Reed_28 Reed_29 Reed_31 Reed_32

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