It all started 1 year 9 months and 5 days ago on October 7, 2008. Kim Ponsky Photography became Kim Ponsky +1. This is how we met…

My best friend asked me to come over her house the day before she was moving back to college. We have been long time friends and I have known her and her family for about 20 years. A long time when you’re only 24. So of course I’ve known her older brother for just as long. Well I guess not as well as I know everyone else in the family because for the most part, he wanted NOTHING to do with his younger sister and her friends. But it’s ok, I forgive him. We’ve all grown up since then and have become good friends. Back to the story, I was currently a recent grad and was looking for a job. His girlfriend, none other than Kim, was there that day to help out. She seemed pretty cool and offered me the opportunity to work part time at her studio. She said the holiday season would be approaching and she could use an extra hand. A couple days later, I decided to give her a call and let her know I was interested. She had me come down to the studio to check it out. I have to say that most of our conversation was pretty casual and very little of it had to do with me working there. We talked for some time, just about life and such, as if we have been friends for years. I knew then that she was going to be a pretty cool boss (I know she hates when I use that word but at the end of the day she still has to write me a paycheck). She told me that she would probably only need my assistance for a few days during the week and only for a few months. Well from the day I started, I’ve been working 5 days a week, roughly 40 hours and every week since October 2008. And the rest is history…

I enjoy coming to work everyday because I know something new awaits me. Kim has always been fun to work with and even though she’s my boss she is also my friend. Thanks Kim for being so kind and generous to me in so many ways. I couldn’t ask for a better person to work with.

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