So… For the most part, this blog has been about photography. No big surprise there, since well, it’s! But, I’ve decided to try something new… I’m gonna chime in from time to time on things totally unrelated to photography, and see if anyone cares (or reads it, for that matter).

So, on a low key night at home tonight, I decided to watch the movie Easy A. I was a bit embarrassed to be honest, but I made it through The Hannah Montana Movie (and can proudly say I enjoyed it), so I figured… Why not.

This movie was actually really cute! The references to classic 80’s movies did not go unappreciated. The story was cute, and the writing was very clever. There were a lot of lines that made me laugh out loud!

I will say, next time you’re flipping through your movie channels, check out Easy A, and let me know what you think!!

Until next time…


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