There’s a lot to love about this cute little girl — her wide smile, pleasant demeanor, awesome expressions… but I have to say, I’m partial to her utter roundness!  Check out those cheeks– they’re spectacular :)

We first met Emma when she came into the studio for her newborn photos, and as cute as she was then, she’s just blown me away with what a little princess she’s growing up to be.  I can’t wait to see her in a few months when we document her big day with her one-year photo shoot.

_DSC0117 _DSC0143

Uncle "Don" & Aunt Ellie

Beautiful & sweet with juicy lips like her mommy!
Tom & Ellie are a lucky pair…& Emma is a lucky girl! What a terrific family!
Sending smoochles to Emma! xoxo

What a little princess, her grandma is so thrilled to have a granddaughter. I may be a little prejudice being a member of the family, but I think Emma is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen.

Great Aunt Kathy

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