This happy toddler kept us busy when she came into the studio with her parents for her most recent photo shoot!  I’m not sure the 19 month old stopped running, unless she was performing her repertoire of tricks, or playing with the balloons we happened to have around that day.   But the more the little ones like Emma act like themselves, and make us sweat, the more fun we have during the session, and the more authentic the images are.  When a kid is unabashedly real… for good and bad… is when we are able to capture the pictures that parents keep hiring us to take.  The ones that will show the big personality within the little person.  The one that shows the lunacy, the sensitivity, and the total adorableness that make the temper tantrums and time outs all worth it.

Here are some of the images that Emma’s parents took home with them.  In addition to a keepsake disk of the digital files, they printed a 3-image series of Emma’s adventures with the balloons in this soft color format, as well as a spectacular canvas wall arrangement of assorted black & white images including these.

I have no doubt that these images will bring a smile to everyone’s face when they walk by Emma’s portraits for years to come… and how nice for Emma to grow up in a home where her parents have elected to make her the art that surrounds them… sure to make her feel pretty special.  As she should.

Morrison_006_8x10 copy Morrison_014 Morrison_015 Morrison_016

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