October has just begun, but we’re already nearly booked up for the month!  Want some spectacular outdoor family photos?  Don’t wait to call for your spot!  At this point, weekends are nearly sold out with Kim… Gabriella and Sharon still have some available days.  Weekdays have a lot more flexibility.  November still looks good, but Cleveland weather is unpredictable… schedule early, and leave the wiggle-room for those nasty days that require us to reschedule…

Not sure where you want to do the session?  We can help you decide!  Inside is always an option, but we have all winter for that!  Come to Eton and go outside our studio, like these sweet girls did last week… or have a chat with us and we’ll brainstorm to find the perfect location for you and your family.

Look around… Mother Nature is starting to show off… grab those cute kids and challenge her to a beauty/cute-off!

Anwar_07 Anwar_22

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