When it comes to be time for your annual fall family photo session, the question becomes how to make each years’ photos feel unique and special.  Changing the location is one sure-fire way to mix things up.  Another thing, which takes very little effort, is to just pick a spot, and let things evolve.  Kids change so much from year to year.  Their personalities, their interactions, their expressions and mannerisms… to me, it is those elements that really make the images special.  Here, we took Paxon, Alex and CeCe into the woods and just let them be.  Of course there were the suggested prompts, requests for places for them to go or sit, but overall, it was me capturing them just being them.  The newly forming carpet of leaves provided such a great accent and accessory for the photo shoot.  Bringing the picturesque scene all around them.  Here are some of my favorites from this family’s location session… can’t wait to see what next year brings!

_DSC1608 _DSC1785 _DSC1924 _DSC2116 _DSC2155 _DSC2234

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