The Blog is Back!! I’ve totally neglected those of you that have enjoyed the daily smiles posted to this site, but I’m back at it, and have plenty to share!

I want to start by pointing out one of the most exciting developments since we moved to our new studio location at Eton Chagrin Boulevard nearly 10 months ago. The move was great for a variety of reasons, but one of the most noteworthy was the benefit to our Sessionettes. For those of you who can’t keep up… Sessionettes are 20-minute, weekday studio sessions for up to 3 people. Right after your Sessionette is done, you escape to grab a drink or a bite to eat while we edit your proofs. Then, just 30 minutes later you’re back to see the photos and pick out what you want — talk about instant gratification! The Sessionettes also include a print credit with the session-fee to get you started :)

Check out a more detailed description of the Sessionettes Gilmore_003


When you come in for your Sessionette, you get to choose which background you want as the backdrop for your session. Among the many choices is the option to use the natural light in/around Eton. The incredible landscaping around here is constantly reinvented, and right outside our back door, hidden behind a parking lot is an amazing wooded wonderland perfect for photos!

So, for those of you who want a quick birthday photo of your toddler, a surprise Father’s Day shoot for Dad, or a guilt-free excuse to do regular sessions… don’t forget about the Sessionettes! Check out the adorable shots we got of this little man when he came in for his 7-month Sessionette! Hard to believe these were taken at our studio, huh??

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