There are days when I think our neighbors at Eton are going to have us evicted or call social services for the crying they have to endure as we do our best to calm and soothe our littlest clients to sleep and into the positions that only these newbies can achieve.  Today’s session with 2 week old Finn was a different story.  This little guy was a complete show-off!  He was calm as can be while awake, even making direct eye contact!  Then once he fell asleep, he was pretty much like melted silly-putty– allowing us to fold him up and mold him into all sorts of poses.  I couldn’t wait to go through the images and grab a few to share on the blog!  Here are a few of my favorites from Finn’s newborn studio session.  Enjoy!

Gillmore_04_bw Gillmore_17 Gillmore_19


Thank you Kim and Gabriella for a wonderful morning…and look what you did!

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