I’ve gotten to know Jack pretty well over the years.  I get the chance to photograph him twice a year.  In the spring for his birthday, and in the fall (along with his parents) for their holiday cards and family photos.  Want to take a trip back in time?  Check out a much younger, but no less enthusiastic Jack here from his 3rd birthday photo shoot.  Now, this big 4.5yr old knows what to expect when he sees me coming with my camera.  He is such a good listener, but still knows how to let his dynamic personality show through…  I mean, come on– look at that awesome smile!  You can’t blink when you’re around Jack, because you may miss something good… he keeps me on my toes, and I love it!  This guy is my little buddy, and I always look forward to seeing him for our outdoor photo sessions.   _DSC3088 _DSC3134 _DSC3305 _DSC3396


Wow, Linda– What beautiful words. Thank you so much. You have a beautiful family, and I love getting to capture these memories for you!

Twice a year I look forward to Jack’s photos (and Sally and Kevin’s) as they put a smile on my face. Everyone that sees the photo book loves it. Some people take pictures and others are an artist taking a picture, thanks for being the later.
Linda Herman, Sally’s mother

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