I’ll admit it… this winter has been freakishly mild.  But that doesn’t mean I’ve been enjoying it!  I love my studio.  Our location is unbeatable, the people we get to see on a daily basis make our day so enjoyable, and how fantastic to have the ability to do shoots inside when the weather’s crummy outside!  BUT… there is something about doing outdoor photo shoots that gets me so energized, and longing for the weather to clear up, warm up, and let me get back to playing outside with my clients!

This is a shoot from late last Fall that I never got around to sharing… I’m not sure what I was thinking!

Olivia’s senior portrait session was not done for the school requirements, but for her and her family to hang onto as a commemoration of this right of passage.  Plus, when you look like this, you should be photographed!!  The most annoying thing (not really) is that Olivia is as sweet as she is pretty… Ugh!  How can you not fall in love with this girl???!!

It was cold out… very.  I was bundled in my puffy coat, trying not to focus on my numb fingers, but you’d never know it from her photos!  Olivia sported the cutest outfits, and was up for anything and everything I threw at her as we explored the property we were shooting at.  This has to be one of my favorite photo sessions of last year– the light, the colors, and the subject all attributed to its success.

Senior photo sessions are so much fun because the “kids” are old enough to want to look good, and want to work with us to get the best shots possible… but have the spunk, energy, personality & inhibition that makes for a fun and successful photo shoot.

Take a look at some of Olivia’s favorites from her Senior Photo Session, and don’t wait to call and set YOUR outdoor photo shoot… Spring and Summer will be here soon!!

Dottore_003 Dottore_005 Dottore_006 Dottore_024 Dottore_037

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