Most of the posts on this blog feature the wonderful people that come in and out of our lives here at Kim Ponsky Photography.  But I wanted to take the chance to talk about someone who all but lives here, working away to make the images you take home, as well as your client experience as perfect as she can… Sharon.  You may know her as the recent bride that graced the pages of this blog over the past few weeks, but I know her as my savior!  I often joke around that Sharon runs this place… and in many ways, she is the one keeping things running.  She is on top of all of your orders, inspects the quality of the prints, albums and wall art when they arrive to make sure they’re flawless, creates custom arrangements and holiday cards to perfectly match your images and personalities, and seriously loves seeing the smiling faces that come through the door.  People don’t sing praises as often as they should, so here I am.  Sharon, thanks for everything you do around here… I couldn’t do it without you!  Mwahh!


Once again, dear Kim, you touched my heart. THanks for your lovely words about Sharon.

This is what I call NAKHES from a grandchild. Thank you Kim. Love and congratulations Shar.

Kim, thank you again for introducing me to Sharon just 2 years ago! Who would have thought that “the girl you just hired” would be the one I now call my wife?!?!

Sharon comes home nightly with a smile on her face and it is because of the work environment you provide, the trust you give her at the office and the amazing clients that walk into your studio each and every day.

You are a great friend and I wish you nothing but the best of success!

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