Now as much as I love the color green, it’s seems that our office does too. Numerous times we have already all worn green to the office and although we would love to show off our lovely green attire on the blog we decided we were definitely not as cute as some of our kids in green so therefore we opted out of embarrassing ourselves. So instead we’ll share with  you a list of ways we try and make greener choices and run Kim Ponsky Photography with more eco-conscious efforts.
1) Instead of using plastic bags we give out reusable KPP totes. They are perfect for groceries or diapers… Not to mention they are durable and totally cute with our logo on them. 

2) We offer online proof viewing versus paper prints. This cuts down on paper consumption and saves some trees.

3) We reuse our lab’s packaging materials to pack the orders that we ship out.

and if that wasn’t enough…

4) We offer 100% Recycled Paper stock as an option for our cards.

Lots of other things are green these days, especially the grass! With all this rain in Cleveland, yards have never been greener in the month of June. The rain might not be so great for taking photos but the after effects make for totally luscious foliage and beautiful backdrops for outdoor family photos. Below are a couple photos from a recent shoot held at Horseshoe Lake. How cute is he?!

OMG LOVE IT!! I want more! :) :) OMG so anxious to see the rest!

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