Remember Hannah?  We’ve gotten to photograph her whooooole life!  Well, since she’s just 10 months old, that’s not such a long time, but we met her parents first for their engagement photos, and then following their wedding in Canada, we chronicled her pregnancy, and then got to meet their little baby girl for her newborn photos.

Now this little peanut has a personality, smiles, and delicious arm rolls that I couldn’t get enough of!  They’ll be leaving us soon to move back to Canada… but for now we get to enjoy every second of this cutie and her parents!  With the exception of the newborn session, all of their photo shoots have taken place in Chagrin Falls, which provides a beautiful backdrop for the montage of their life over the past few years.  What a nice memory they will have of their time in Cleveland to share with one another, family and friends forever…

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