I had a handsome fella in the studio today for his updated corporate headshots… My brother, a pediatric surgeon at Akron Children’s needed a portrait taken for work, lectures and social media.  He knew right where to come!  While some companies have a certain protocol their employees must follow as far as the style of pose and clothes, others can leave it open for the person themselves to choose.  Here, we were able to take photos with a variety of poses and looks.  From formal to casual, approachable to authoritative, he can select the image he wants depending on what it will be used for.  Personal style and expression doesn’t have to go out the window when taking corporate headshots, so a studio specializing in photographing people is the perfect place to come!  I mean… I must be good at my job if I made THIS guy look so good!!Ponsky_02 Ponsky_13 Ponsky_26 copy

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