When I teach my photo students what to look for when taking pictures, I try to stress to them the importance of the light.  Light is, literally what makes a photograph, and it’s incredible to see what a difference it can make from image to image.  Last weekend I photographed Henry.  I first photographed this little man for his newborn shoot, but now he’s a sitting, smiling 7 month old!  We worked inside the house, outside, and even put his naked tushy on the floor of a barn– and all of the locations choices were driven by the light.  Check out how different each of these photographs feels with the different lighting schemes (and a bit of photo finishing!).  When people ask me where we’ll take photos for a family portrait session or wedding photography, I always try to explain that the location is so much less important than the light… Now if I could only get my students to listen to me!!  _DSC5288 _DSC5530 _DSC5554 _DSC5626

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