… This is a question we get asked on a daily basis.

And while my answer will depend on the number of and ages of the kids, I always tell clients that it will be clear when the session time is up.  Most child or family photo sessions last between 45-80 minutes.  That’s our standard time quote.  But… newborn sessions take longer (at least 2 hours!), and cold weather may wear out the kids sooner.  If I need more, I’ll suggest a break, or try to trick the kids into cooperating a bit longer; but if I am happy with what we’ve got, the kids can call the shots.

Take a look at this recent outdoor photo session, and see if YOU can tell when it was time to call it quits!


Hello, thank you for the info…I wanted to know approx how many photo’s you take for a set like this with the two boys outdoors?? Thank you again for your helpful information.

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