We post our favorite pictures on this Blog, and as most of you have figured out, they then post to Facebook and Twitter.  Please, by all means, SHARE THE LINKS!  But, if you see your smiling face, or your beautiful baby in one of our posts and want to make it your profile pic, etc… Here’s how:   To properly snag one of my shots while using your iPhone, you have to go to this website from your browser (not from the Facebook app)… So, go to:  Once you finish reading all of our amazing posts, and find yours, you can just press down and hold your finger on the picture you want to save, and you’ll get a pop-up with that option.  From there, you can upload it to Facebook!  But, please… don’t crop out our logo/name… That’s just not nice.  And please don’t forget to tag Kim Ponsky Photography!

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