Even though I know I’m my parents’ favorite, I’m sure their “official” answer, and that of most parents would be that they can’t choose between their children.  When our clients come in to view their photos and place their order, they’re often faced with a similarly impossible choice!  I mean, they’re looking at the little faces and expressions that make all the madness of raising small kids worth it– how can you choose what to buy, and what you can live without?  We help to narrow down the favorites to a more manageable few, and guide the order to the best solution– maybe a few standout pieces of wall art on the living room wall, and the remainder of the images in an heirloom album that lets you hold on to all the images forever.  But don’t think we can’t relate to the tough choices– I mean, while the subject of the images may be your actual child, the images themselves are my babies!  When choosing the top picks from a given session to go on this blog, I try to narrow them down to my favorite 1, 2 or 3… but there are always those sessions that make that impossible… like this outdoor photo shoot with almost-1yr old, Jack.  Are you kidding me with those eyes?  And like those big blues aren’t enough, he couldn’t be cuter, happier, or better behaved– way to rock your photos, little man!  Here are a few (yes, believe it or not, I had to refrain from posting ALL of my favorites) snapshots from Jack’s outdoor photo shoot this past weekend at the Cultural Gardens…


OBrien_20 OBrien_10 OBrien_09 OBrien_05 copy OBrien_02


We have used you before for my other grandsons. This shoot is over the top fantastic!!! I don’t know how I will ever choose which one to have. Thanks for these incredible photos of my little Jack

Kim~ these are so good! I LOVE the B&W against the wall. WOW!

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