I am in love with my camera! I am, I can’t help it! I do love my fiance, but he knows that my heart belongs first and foremost to my Nikon D3s. The decision to acquire this new member of the Kim Ponsky Photography family came with some pressure… how could I justify the purchase so it wasn’t just a new toy? I had to make it count! I had to find a new and spectacular way to utilize its awesome and magical powers. Not only can this camera practically shoot in the dark, but it also captures HD video. When I first began playing around with that feature, anyone who viewed what I shot was sure to get seasick! It took some practice to learn to shoot with a steady hand… but I’ve definitely gotten better, and am now capturing what we’re calling “Dynamic Visuals” — cinematic clips with the tangibility of video, but the artistic composition of a portrait photographer.

When we have two photographers on site for a wedding- one of us can capture still images, while the other shoots video. What comprehensive coverage! Imagine, no longer having to hire a videographer and a photographer — we’re a one stop shop!

Take a look at a short promo we put together from a recent wedding!


Just wait till you see the full-length video! That was just the “teaser” :-) So glad you like it– We’re all really excited about it over here!

Patricia Orazen Glass

KIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I have watched this 8 times now….I love it so much. Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos.

Katie, we’ve got you covered! We’ll talk about the details before your wedding so we can get you exactly what you want!

…and THANK YOU! Thank you for solving one of my last few remaining dilemmas!

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