I’ve gotten to watch Jack grow up in front of my camera…  From my first session with his family for their holiday family photos when he was just 2 1/2, I’ve had the fun & honor of photographing this little man twice a year… in the fall with his parents – from which they make their holiday cards, and add to their growing canvas wall arrangement– each session adding a family shot, and at least one of Jack.  And then I get to see him again each Spring, for his birthday photo shoot- from which they have created a stunning collection of albums chronicling his growth, maturity, personality & overall cuteness!  Jack’s mom once told me that when she pulled out her phone to snap a shot of him, he put up his hand and said “only Kim takes my picture…”  Think I loved that story??

Jack is my little buddy… but it’s not so little anymore!  Take a look at 6 year old Jack through the pages of this year’s birthday album!




Kim, you certainly have captured his personality! So many great photos and what a variety.

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