Check out the cheeks on this fella!  Jacob has the same exact face he did when we he was in the studio for his newborn photo session / extended family photo shoot last November, but my oh my, have those cheeks filled in!  This bright eyed little guy had us laughing throughout the session– and had us falling in love with him.  What a happy guy!

While parents often aim to get photos at the mid-point of their baby’s first year, waiting until the baby is securely sitting up is what we strongly recommend.  After all, many of our clients add in the 3-4 month and 8-9 month stages as well — and there’s not a big difference in the kinds of photos we can capture between a 3-4 month old and a 6 month old who isn’t yet sitting on his own.  So don’t worry about capturing the AGE… and focus on the STAGE.  Jacob is the perfect example of this.  His newfound skill at sitting, and his comfort with it, allowed him to interact with us, his environment, and let those smiles free.

Next time I see Jacob, I fully expect to be running after him, playing peek-a-boo behind trees, and enjoying his new little walking/running self.

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Magnificent photos! Truly captures this delicious baby and adorable family.

Proud Grandpa! Beautiful work.

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