Mingle with Singles… Drink Mojitos… & Update Your Online Dating Photos!  

We get lots of calls from people who want a great picture for their online dating profile, but don’t want to use their work headshot.  You don’t want it to look like you hired a photographer to take your picture, but you want the quality that a professional gets you… right?  Well, I came up with the perfect solution.

 Tuesday, October 21st, at 6pm

Come to Paladar and mingle with other singles, and throw a few mojitos back while we get well lit, relaxed, and candid photos you can use for your dating profile!  But hey, maybe you’ll meet “the one” and won’t even need to use it!!!

No name-tags… if he wants to know your name, he’ll ask you for it.

No shared contact list… if she wants  you to have her number, she’ll give it to you.

The cost to participate is a measly $50, and you’ll receive 2 happy hour drink coupons, and a low-resolution file of your favorite image (we’ll put the gallery online, so all you have to do is pick your favorite).

… you ready join us?  Come on… don’t make ME drink alone with my camera  :)

Call 216.229.7427 to sign up and pay.  We’ll have your drink coupons with us at the bar, so just check in with the girl with the camera…

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