I first met Katie and Aaron back in January, but really got to know the pair when we shot their engagement photos back in April.  Want a refresher on their outdoor portrait shoot?  Check out some of those fun engagement photos!  This laid-back duo was great to work with then, but was even better on their big-day!  We had a blast, and got amazing wedding photos that they’ll have forever…  With their felonious groomsmen (yeah guys, I have pictures!), and fun and beautiful bridesmaids in toe, we traveled all around downtown and got some amazing shots!  It was a perfect day… beautiful ceremony, great light for bridal party photos and family portraits, and then a fun dance party at the House of Blues.

Their downtown wedding also marked the first time Kim Ponsky Photography featured its new husband-and-wife team! This definitely wasn’t the first time that we’ve worked together– just the first time with our new and improved status! I have to say, it was even more fun!  Just having been through our own wedding, we were even more in-tune with the sentiment of the day, and the priorities of the bride and groom — really making us able to relate to them… All of that definitely made us better photographers!  We have sooo many to go through, but couldn’t wait to share these favorites!  Congratulations, Katie & Aaron– and thanks for letting us be a part of your day!!

This one's my favorite!!


LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t wait to see more- there are no words to describe how appreciative we are of your marvolous talent. We’ll see you after our trip!

Thank you!

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