Kim Ponsky is Calling It Quits

After years of photographing children and families, Kim has decided to pack up her studio and take a completely new direction… Landscape Photography. Yup, for those of you that know Kim she is a huge fan of all things Ansel Adams. She is really looking forward to capturing Cleveland’s scenic parks and city views. Her decision came after a long day of newborn session mishaps. The first session left Kim covered in baby pee, the second left her with a smudge of poop on her favorite cashmere sweater, and when things couldn’t possibly get worse… they did. The third and final session was a slightly older, teething baby boy and he might have gently nibbled and scared Kim’s arm. Long story short, Kim is ready for a switch up.

Kim wants you to all know that she has truly enjoyed spending time with your family and watching your children grow. She has set up a referral hotline to help your family find their new photographer, the number is 1-800-April-Fools!

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