Hi! It’s me, Deb. I write a lot of the blogs here at Kim Ponsky Photography. Today I’m doing a special piece about all of the photography related things I wish I would have done throughout the years.  Now that I work here I have the privilege of seeing what other people have done, are doing, and what products and services we offer.  And I have a few regrets.

Kim has been taking photos of my family since my now thirteen year old twins were almost two.  She was always my go to photographer for those “special photos.”  Like many of you Kim Ponsky Photography was a big investment and that’s one of the main reasons I didn’t come more frequently.  I came every few years and those images are my favorite.  They get prominent placement on my walls and in frames and every time we see Kim we make an album.  My family often flips through them with fondness.

Sounds good, right?  It is.  But now for the regret part.  There are many families that come to Kim more often.  Some yearly.  Some every few months.  And I’m jealous.  Looking back I wish I would have come every year at least.  I wish I had an album for every year.  I wish I would have spent a little less money on shoes and more on photos.  The kids grow so fast and I truly don’t know where the time goes!  Sure, I have some iPhone pics to fill in where Kim left off but it’s not the same.  The heirloom quality products offered here at Kim Ponsky Photography are the best you can get.  But not only that, the quality of the photos and the artistic eye of the photographer really sets KPP apart.  Now I can’t help but wish that those precious memories were captured by the best.

Next time it comes to making an investment in photographs I’ll remember that the moments are priceless.


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