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This past weekend I had the privilege of traveling to Washington, DC to reunite with a family I photographed 5 years ago.  We met up again for their updated family photo session at the Bishop’s Gardens at the National Cathedral.  Check out this video of our session!


I am a fellow Mocha Mom and I just had to comment about this absolutely priceless and beautiful video tribute. I cried experiencing the beauty of this family, and those darling girls and of a mom and wife who is gone too soon. I cried because I have children the same age and can only imagine how difficult it was for her as a mom to know that she would not live to see them grow up. My heart and prayers go out to her husband and girls and to all who knew and loved this lovely lady. Thank you for sharing just a brief glimpse of their love and family.

Words cannot express how i feel watching this video,as myself going through some health issues,i can understand the pain she was going through and still was smiling through her pain,though i didn’t meet her personally i can see she was an angel with a beautiful soul.My prayers goes to her family,God will surely see them through.

What a blessing this will be to the children. It is beautiful. I felt the pain in the mother’s eyes. God bless them all and many prayers as they continue their journey in life minus one very important mom.

This is beautiful. She left her family a beautiful gift and her girls will remember her forever. My condolences to the family. May they have strength during this time.

This was such a beautiful video. I did not have the pleasure of meeting my fella Mocha but my heart goes out to her family. Thank you for sharing and capturing what they will always consider great memories

Beautiful. Simply beautiful. We’ll miss our Mocha sister.

I can’t stop crying. A beautiful keepsake indeed. God bless Jumain and he and Deanna’s beautiful baby girls.

Words cannot express how wonderful this was! What a beautiful family experience.

Speechless and in tears. What an amazing tribute. I’m a fellow Mocha Mom here in California. My prayers are with the family and the Mocha Moms chapter that lost such a beautiful Mocha . May God grant you strength during such a difficult time. My his peace that surpasses all keep you and comfort you. Thank you for sharing apart of you, with us.

God bless

Simply beautiful. May God God bless Jumain and his family.

May God bless this family. This is beautiful!!

I did not know Deanna but my wife did. This is a beautiful tribute!!! May God keep you and your family covered!

God bless this beautiful family. It is always heart-wrenching to hear of stories like this. May the love and sister/motherhood of Mocha Moms continue to be a part of this family’s life and be a village of love and support for them. May God continue to bless your family and may your infinite light shine on them always.


Mocha Lachelle Smith

This is a beautiful tribute for the girls and her husband to have. I will be praying for this family.

This is beautiful. I did not know Deanna but this video gave me a glimpse of my beautiful Mocha Mom sister & her loving family..


What a moving video. I did not know Denanna personally but as a fellow Mocha Mom I am saddened by her loss. I am glad that her daughters will have the chance to be reminded of their mom with this video as they grow older. My prayers are with their family.

Still can’t forget her beautiful smile. I’m lifting up her family in prayer!

Kimbalyn Clark-Price

This is simply beautiful! God bless this family and may Mocha Deanna’s memory live on. Gone too soon!!!

May our beautiful Mocha sister and mother continue to shine light into her family’s life from the sky, stars & universe above. May the family share these happy memories for a lifetime and beyond. May they all find strength, guidance and abundant joy from knowing that they are infinitely connected.

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

This was so beautiful.

Words CANNOT describe this. All I can say is that God knows how to reinforce his purpose for our lifes. He’ll bring people into our lives who are going through various trials to remind us that everything that we do here on earth is for HIS glory. May God continue to bless you and the lives that you touch!!

Beautifully captured…

What a beautiful tribute! May GOD Bless this family!

Simply beautiful!

So beautiful, so touching! Life is so precious! Thank you for capturing those precious moments of life and giving the family the opportunity to celebrate life! May God bless the family. We miss you Deanna!

This is a wonderful tribute to our beloved Mocha sister who is no longer with us in the physical sense but will be deeply embedded in our hearts and minds forever. It was beautiful to see her with her family and I’m so honored to have known her even if it was for a little while.

What great work! Wow, its so special to capture these memories for this special family.

Although I did not know Deanna and her beautiful family, she was a fellow Mocha Mom sister. This touching video is a wonderful tribute and a great way for those who didn’t know Deanna to feel connected to her in some way. I pray for her husband and daughters, thank you for sharing this x

Amazing!! Beautiful !! Inspiring!!

Mocha Natalie Brown

Beautiful… Losing wife and mommy won’t ever be easy, but the precious memories you helped to create are priceless. Thank you so much for sharing your gift so that Nadia and Zaria could have this memory forever. I have tears but they are tears of joy!

Absolutely Beautiful! It made me cry, you definitely captured the love and happiness of her family!

Wonderful, wonderful. I am gratefull to have a chance to watch this lovely family. My prayers will include them tonight.

April DeVaughn-Jones

Thank you for this.

Nigrita Shaw-Bostic


What a beautiful gift!

It was beautiful. You work is heart warming and reaches the inner soul. I may be biased as the proud Pop-Pop, but all who have seen your work have been touched. Thank you for putting so much love into your work and letting it be seen and felt in your photography. You have been Blessed with a special gift, and we are grateful and Blessed that you have shared it with us.

Kristen lundeen

Amazing work.

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