Last Thursday, I was pretty nervous, and no, not about Lebron. Kim asked me if I would take a few engagement photos of her and her fiance. She photographs. I edit. That’s how it’s suppose to be. But no no. Kim insisted I could take on her task of capturing great pics. So here are a few. Should I keep my job as an editor? Or take a shot at being a photographer? You can be the judge. Comment. I would love to get some constructive criticism.

Congrats guys! I love you both!


Michelle WOW!!! Yes, you really did capture those two great people–all their beauty/handsome qualities and the charm and delight they bring to all of us. You can photograph me any time. Mel

I love them! Great job Michelle!


You are a very talented photographer. These pictures truly capture both of their personalities and showcase their natural beauty. I will be calling you to do my enGAYgement photos for sure!

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