When I met Lance to photograph his Bar Mitzvah, he walked into the synagogue with his suit jacket non-chalently tossed over his shoulder.  My immediate impression of this 13 year old, was that he had swagger!  My first impression turned out to be right on target, as his confident, kind, and cool personality continued to shine through the Bar Mitzvah rehearsal photos and the rockin’ New York nightclub-style party at the Porsche dealership.  One thing in particular that really stood out to me and impressed me the whole night was how much Lance’s older siblings really adored him… and I could see why.

Cohen_005 Cohen_011 Cohen_039 Cohen_063 Cohen_096 Cohen_120 Cohen_311


Love, love the pictures. Great family to photo, and Lance looks pretty cool on his own.

What great shots! You captured his coolness perfectly! What a beautiful family.
Congratulations to all!

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