Anyone who has tried to schedule a photo session or a meeting with me this fall has learned that I have taken off to Greece for three weeks of photographic education at its finest. Beginning in Greece, 7 of the world’s leading wedding photographers have collaborated in what is called the Grand Workshop. The 50 attendees from all over the world are learning new perspectives, strategies and techniques to bring home with us. The first day we split into groups and worked with each photographer, observed, and shot along with them. The second day we (my husband and I) got to put on our wedding clothes and we were on the other side of the camera as the models for the day. Not only was I so excited to get another opportunity to wear my wedding gown, but I loved the different perspective I gained by being posed and photographed by the world’s leading photographers. To experience the difference between having an interaction with the photographers or being photographed from a distance… to be posed with instruction or suggestion… and to realize first hand what it takes to get that little something extra after a long day of posing. I think this experience provided me with as much benefit as the day I spent behind the camera.
This workshop is proving to be a wonderful experience, and I can’t wait to bring what I’m learning home with me to Cleveland! I will continue to update from these workshops, so stay tuned!
Here are some of my images from Day 1…

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