The decision of where to do your family photo session can seem like a daunting one.  The studio can give you the timeless and controlled environment, while outdoor can provide an intriguing setting with colors, textures and variety.  I happen to love both, but I will admit that I’m partial to location shoots.  Letting the kids in particular have the freedom to play, run, and explore not only gives great action shots, but lets them feel less like they’re “working” and allows them to be themselves.  Things to consider though is how your kid will respond to the elements– wet grass from morning dew, itchy leaves or grasses, chilly Cleveland fall days, or even the occasional ant or spider joining the fun.  If your session cannot be rescheduled because of inclement weather, then maybe the studio would be the safest plan… after all, at our new location, we have not only the indoor photo studio, but access to all the various facades in and around the shopping center itself!

You know your kids, and you know your style, so the answer as to where to do the photo shoot is ultimately best made by you.  We will always help you select the location, and give you our 2-cents, but go with your gut– you’ll love the results!

This awesome session took place at Squire Valleevue Farm — Case Western Reserve University’s farm land in Hunting Valley.  The mom wanted to do the photos somewhere with tall grasses, and this spot made the perfect setting.  I love the whimsical nature the photos took on, and not only show the kids’ personalities, but how the family interacts with each other.  Barrow_003 Barrow_007 Barrow_013 Barrow_015 Barrow_019 Barrow_022 Barrow_037

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