This little guy is about as sweet as it gets, and will only get cuter!  With the crawling stage looming just around the corner, this past weekend was the perfect time to get some great summer shots (while we could still control where he went!).  Now, I’m admittedly biased towards this blue eyed baby, since we first met when he was only hours old– so we go way back :)  That made this session all the more fun!

People always ask me what the best ages are for photographs of their baby’s first year… I have my standard answers, of course.  Newborns should be photographed within their first 2 weeks of life… Baby’s are smiling and pushing up by 4 months… Sitting happily by 6 or 7 months, and even clapping by 8… and then of course there’s cake smashing and standing at the big ONE!   But babies, like all of us have good days and bad days.  Even Little O, who’s one of the happiest babies I’ve ever met couldn’t ignore the teeth violently working their way to the world.  He may have been a bit more serious during our photo shoot than he usually is, but I wasn’t worried.  He was awesome — smiling, serious, playful or pouty — I love capturing all of it!  A session that only shows big grins may feel like a huge sucess, but could lack the variety that I aim to show.  As a lifestyle photographer, I aim to deliver all aspects of your child.  How could we show off the intensity of O’s big blue’s if they squinted with a smile?  Chewing on a hat?  Well, that’s just part of his age…  This is one of the reasons our albums and wall arrangements are so popular– they allow you to show off and hang on to so many different parts of your baby that you don’t ever want to forget.

Here are some of my favorites from O’s photo session at the park!



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