Little Baby E came into the studio for her 8-month photo shoot recently… this big eyed beauty lives out of town, but I’ve been lucky enough to get to photograph her more than once.  It’s easy to see why her mom wanted to capture images of her– she’s completely adorable!  But it was at the top of all of our lists to make sure we got photographs of all her pieces and parts.  I mean, check out that belly roll!  Only cute at this age, but oh my goodness!!  Baby parts are a great way to decorate a nursery.  Put a canvas cluster above the changing table for a fun and different way to remember those pudgy baby days.  It was hard for me to put these pictures in black and white, because of her incredible blue eyes, but I really love how timeless and gentle they look this way.

_DSC5841bw_DSC5900 _DSC5903bw _DSC6049bw

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