I asked to get out of the studio, and you listened!  I had so much fun doing little Bennett’s first year photos at his house, along with his parents and big sister…

The candid and photojournalistic nature of at-home photos brings such a level of reality to the photos, and I have to admit, I’m partial to these kinds of photo shoots.  The kiddos parents were super easy going, as I invited the tots to climb on the furniture, walk on the windowsills, and likely break every household rule… all for the sake of the photos, right? It didn’t hurt that they had fantastic windows that let in the light we needed to get beautiful photographs.

Stay tuned to the blog, because I’ve got more awesome shoots from this past week to share!

Junglas_11 Junglas_12 Junglas_28 Junglas_32 Junglas_36 Junglas_48 Junglas_56

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